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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a referral based company or a holding license brokerage?

No it’s so much more! As a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate you can show and sell properties without joining the board. This isn’t a “too good to be true” scenario and there are no gimmicks! We desire for you to be successful in Real Estate, earn your full commission, and choose your schedule without any pressure while saving hundreds of dollars a year from paying board dues.

How can I transfer my license with your non-board member company?

Get started today and simply call or email us to obtain the New Agent Package documents at (561)477-1193 or   For your convenience, we can send the documents in fillable format with electronic signature request via email. As a professional courtesy, you should advise your current broker of the change but it is not necessary.

How long will I have to wait for my license to be active or transferred with your company?

No time at all! We offer same day service for license active/transfer change during office business hours Mon-Friday 9:30am- 4pm.

How could this work if I don’t live near your office?

No worries! We serve all FL licensees and Out-Of-State Licensees.  We have great programs and tools that allow our agents to work from the comfort of their own home. 

How quickly can I begin working?

Once you receive our welcome email with confirmation of your license status change, you can get started right away and market your real estate business.

What about business cards?

We work directly with a Wholesale Printing who can print them and deliver them to you anywhere in the state so you can start handing them out to everyone you know.

Do you offer Training?

Yes! We have a monthly Training Seminars that are bootcamp style that you can physically attend.  Or we have a collection of over 300 training videos on almost every subject that you can access 24/7. We also provide each agent with a Marketing Manual that that provides you with tools needed to be a successful agent in the Real Estate business. Our Manual goes over creating a 6-step comprehensive business plan, numerous marketing strategies, how to use already done for you systems to get the best results & rapidly grow your client base and income, and so much more. 

Do you offer One-On-One Training?

Yes! We want you to succeed and after attending one of our monthly seminars you have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings to follow-up on your progress and development.

Will I get leads?

We have a great leads program that generates leads on a consistent basis. We also provide you a contact management system so you can assist your clients with minimum effort.

Am I obligated to work, meet a quota, or attend meetings?

There are no quotas to be met and you have zero obligation to produce or work. You create your own goals and schedule. However, as a licensed agent you can always make a quick commissions check by simply referring clients to another licensed agent. In order to get part of the commission all you would need to do is have both you and the other licensed agent sign a commission agreement (available to you from our office and file database).

What will happen if I decide to change from your brokerage to another?

Our company does not have any penalties or fees associated with changing to another broker. Your new broker will process the license transfer.  You take your clients with you.  You will also be paid in full for any pending transactions at time of closing by the closing agent

No-Competing Broker and protected listings?

We are a no-competing Broker and if you decide to leave us, you keep both your clients and your listings.

If I am a party of the transaction, am I able to receive commissions?

Definitely! Earn your full commission on you own deals! Please also note to make known in writing that you are licensed in order to with the law.

How can I list properties for sale on the MLS?

You can and it’s easy! You can either place the listing with our board member division who has access to Board member MLS database OR use one of the many free MLS access websites like the association operated website

Am I able to list a property or sell real estate without being associated with a board as a REALTOR®?

As defined by the NAR, the term REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®. Although our Broker is a member of several board associations, there is absolutely no obligation for our licensed agents to be members of an association in order to sell (or show) real estate. You are legally authorized to work and receive compensation as a current licensed agent without being a REALTOR®. That is why we created the non-board member company for agents like you who love to be able to help either earn a commission on the homes they buy and/or offer their services to friends, family, and co-workers.  We want to be able to provide the same wonderful services you would receive by being a part of a Board Member Real Estate Company which includes access to the “public MLS” database thru our website.

Is the “public MLS” as good as the MLS Board  members pay for?

Get your answer straight from the official website : the official site of the National Association of REALTORS®, is the leading homes for sale Web site, offering more listings and essential real estate-related information, to over 40 million consumers each month. [1]® displays home listings from nearly 800 Multiple Listing Services (MLS) [3] across the U.S., resulting in a database over 4 million existing homes available for sale or rent. Approximately 80% of all listings found on® are updated every 15 minutes and the remainder are updated every one to 24 hours. This provides consumers with the freshest listing information and content available online.”

Can I work with REALTORS® and get my full commission?

Yes you can and it’s legal!

Am I able to do referrals?

Yes! We will provide you with all documents associated with process and compensation.

How quickly can I get paid?

Typically, you will be paid at closing unless title company does not allow for it.  Most will, however in the unlikely case it is not, we pay you within 24 hours of receiving the check from the title company.

Where do I deposit escrow money?

You would simply send it regular mail to our office and it is processed at our office immediately

Compliance and exchange of files?

We have a free and unique solution that allows you to organize and keep all your real estate files available to view 24/7.

License Renewal, Post Licensing, and continuing education?

Paying all DBPR dues & renewal fees and taking all required courses is your responsibility.

What if I need immediate assistance?

Once you’ve joined our company, you will receive direct cell phone number and email addresses for your broker, office manager, and office coordinator. We also have an in-house title company, Stewart Title who is one of the largest in the country and has offices all throughout Florida.  Our in house lender is on sight and is at your disposal.   You will have direct contact info for each of the representatives.

Please provide a valid email address.